Nihon Vogue Co., Ltd. will properly handle personal information entrusted to us by customers and others in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy of Japan Craft Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nihon Vogue Co., Ltd.
5-6-11 Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
President Nobuaki Seto

“Happy Life with Handmade” being our main credo, we believe in the value of handmaking, and strive to enrich our customers’ quality of life.
Personal information we collect in the course of our business will be properly protected and utilized to provide our products and services and to improve our customer service for social contribution as stated in our company philosophy. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties unless such disclosure is legally necessary.
However, affiliated companies in the education business (group leader/area director), Group companies Japan Craft Holdings and Fujikyu Co., Ltd., affiliated subsidiary Vogue Gakuen Co., Ltd., friendship organization Japan Handicraft Promotion Association and specified non-profit organization My Way, Personal information such as addresses, names, and e-mail addresses may be used jointly for the purpose of joint promotion and information transmission of the handmade business.
Regarding the disclosure, deletion, or change of personal information at the request of the customer, after confirming the identity of the customer, we will respond at the customer service desk.
Customers’ request to disclose, delete, or change their personal information will be handled by our Customer Service upon verifying identifications.

1. Information security effort and goals

Our people take actions based on our credo to raise the value of our company by gaining trust of our customers, business partners, shareholders, and other related parties. Therefore, our people aim to avoid any risk that threats the existence of our company, have high company-wide awareness of information security, have thorough understanding of our information security policies, and follow them.

2. Protection of information asset

As a good corporate citizen and a leading company of handicraft, we will ensure to take appropriate management measures to protect our information asset for respective business areas. We will also conduct a routine check of our system to continue to improve our information management measures.

3. Education training

We give thorough training of information management to our workers to raise awareness for information security.

4. Compliance of rules

Our information security policies, standards, and procedures comply with laws and regulations.

5. Countermeasures in case of an accident

In case of information security accidents, information disclosure and investigation of the cause will be our highest priority. If the accident was caused by information security rule violation, violators will be punished according to our codes of conduct. If the accident took place without any intentional act, we will re-examine our information system.