Our Credo

── Happy Life with Handmade ──

1.We will provide happiness through handmade. 
Happy Life with Handmade

2. We will be promoted appropriate business activities as a member of society to enhance the value of our company. 

3.We will pursue the material and intellectual growth of all our employees. 

Action Guidelines

  • Enthusiasm and a sense of mission
    There is no big difference in human ability, if any, in enthusiasm and sense of mission.
  • Enjoy challenging
    We will innovate and make new efforts from yesterday to today and tomorrow rather than today.
  • Believe in our colleagues and help each other
    We will make a company that everyone can discuss with frank and be proud of by everyone’s participation.

Promise to Our Workers

Our goal is always to enrich our customers’ quality of life through “handmade”.
And to achieve the goal, we believe that is important to our each employee feels growing and rewarding at work.
We create a work environment where their goals and self-fulfillment can be respected and pursued.
With good faith, trust, cooperation, strong mind, and altruism, we constantly aim to provide material and emotional support for our people.
We believe that our workers’ ideas and knowledge are the most valuable assets. By promoting autonomy, we create a corporate culture that is high-spirited, rewarding, and full of pride.