Welcome to NIHON VOGUE Corp.

We base our credo in all of our decisions and actions.
It is part of us, and we actively put it into our practice.



Promise to Our Workers

In order to enrich our customers’ quality of life through “handmade,” we believe that our workers are the most important aspect. We value diversity of our people. We create a work environment where their goals and self-fulfillment can be respected and pursued.
With good faith, trust, cooperation, strong mind, and altruism, we constantly aim to provide material and emotional support for our people.
We believe that our workers’ ideas and knowledge are the most valuable assets. By promoting autonomy, we create a corporate culture that is high-spirited, rewarding, and full of pride.


1.Customer Satisfaction
We listen to our customers’ needs to improve customer relationship, and continue to promote the value of handmaking. We strive to be our customers’ “favorite place” for all their handmaking needs. Customer satisfaction means everything to us.

2.Be Innovative
We continue to promote and realize the value of handmaking by providing necessary products and services. We are driven to go one step ahead with our ideas and approach.

3.Workplace Satisfaction
Our people work not only for monetary compensation but also as a place to express themselves. In order to realize our philosophy, each person works on self-improvement and they grow together as a team. We believe that providing value to our customers can strengthen our confidence.

4.Social Responsibility
As a good corporate citizen, Nihon Vogue Sha complies with social rules, understands society’s future needs, and becomes a company that is welcomed and respected by the society.


1.Customer’s Voice
Our customers’ voices are what drive us. We listen to them and come up with answers in our creative ways. We especially welcome complaints. We make sincere apologies but never make excuses or blame others because we are willing to improve ourselves continuously. We understand that what is best for us does not always mean it is best for our customers. Our customers’ requests come first.

2.Work Environment
Our goal is to be a “pleasant” company with good conducts, friendly greetings, and neat appearances. Clean and organized work environment helps polish our sprit and serves as the foundation of our “pleasant” corporate culture.

3.Be Innovative・Grow Continuously
Accumulation of new events creates tomorrow. We stay sensitive to our customers’ ever-changing needs and committed to be innovative with our products and services. Working to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today will ultimately lead us to improved productivity and quality and cost reduction.

Our definition of empowerment is for each worker to have a mutual understanding of our credo, build strong relationship with our customers, make judgment, and take action for a higher level of customer satisfaction. In order to maintain a good customer relationship and honor their requests, we continue to improve our empowerment.

5.Information Sharing
In realizing our philosophy, each worker’s knowledge, thought, and purpose are valuable information for all workers. We especially focus on sharing real voices of our customers as well as market and industry information among them. Information gained from each worker’s eyes and ears are utilized for all. Timely reporting, communication, and consulting are the foundation of our information sharing and we put them into practice.

Good communication starts with good listening. One-way communication is simply a report. We express our honest opinions and are open to different beliefs and ideas. We welcome all proposals and consider them seriously. Communication is the key to develop mutual trust, strengthen our teamwork, and make realization of our philosophy possible.

To aim for higher customer satisfaction and meet further customer requests, we work as a team and cooperate with each other beyond our division or section. In handling various tasks, we review them from company’s, division’s, as well as team’s standpoints to take action.

We are willing to change ourselves. For further advancements, we are not afraid to challenge for new things. We prefer to challenge ourselves than to be afraid of failure and not change. People should not be ashamed of their failures. Not making any progress is worse. Even if we fail, we learn from it and turn it into an opportunity for our further improvements. We say “no” to excuses and find ways to make a challenge possible.

We prioritize our customer service the most. Especially with complaints, we react immediately. When we perform our tasks, we make priorities and aim for speedy operation. When we have good ideas, we quickly implement them.

10.Becoming a Bridge
We are proud to be a leading company of “handmade.” We continue to build great business relationship with our creators (designers and professionals) and are dedicated to be a bridge between them and our customers. In order to meet our customers’ requests, we turn our creators’ ideas and concepts into an ideal form of products and services by using our expertise.

Sincere Service

Our Stance Toward Our Customers
1.Our job is to make our customers happy and satisfied. We value the warm and heartfelt relationship with our customers more than anything.

2.Each one of us represents the company when we face our customers. We offer “pleasant” service with friendly smiles on our faces. We understand that if our customer feels our service is “unpleasant,” they will not come back to us.

3.We listen to our customers and do what is best for them. We try to understand what customers want, are concerned, or confused about, even when they are unsaid. We do our best to sense what is really needed by our customers and take action quickly.

4.We never say “we don’t know” “we don’t have” or “we can’t” to our customers.  We receive all of their requests, do our best to accept them, and respond promptly with our answer.

5.It is our customers that evaluate the value of our products and services. We always turn to our customers for feedback.