Welcome to NIHON VOGUE Corp.

We strive to enrich our customers’ Quality of Life through “handmade.”

Since our establishment in 1954, our entire business focus has been arts and crafts.

“Handmade” has long been part of people’s lives in various ways, taking different forms from time to time to reflect the then-society’s needs. During our grandparents’ generation, handmaking was part of daily chores for family members’ clothing. After the rapid economical growth, it has been turned into a hobby for quality spare time. In the recent digital era, “handmade” has become a mutual interest to be “shared” with friends and families, and through social media.

Our mission is to offer various products and services to our valued “handmade” fans through our wide range of business operations, and provide “happy” in many different ways.

President Nobuaki Seto