Welcome to NIHON VOGUE Corp.

We look forward to working with people who understand and share the same value as our philosophy and credo.

We are not currently hiring.


What We Look For

The following are what we look for in our people in order to realize our philosophy and credo.

People who are independent
People who set high goals for themselves, have future visions of themselves and company, and strive to achieve those goals and visions.

People who value communication and teamwork
People who are determined, willing to communicate with others both inside and outside of company, and able to reach goals by working with others.

People who are disciplined
People who follow corporate and social rules and work responsibly as part of an organization.

People who are altruistic
People who are thoughtful, care for others, and make appropriate judgment based on the sprit of altruism to improve work quality.

Our Personnel Management System

Role-based system
In 2005, we have made a transition from seniority-based to role-based salary system. Employees’ salaries are not based on their age or ability, but based on their role and responsibilities they take on.

Our Evaluation System

Target management
To achieve corporate, company, and section targets, individuals set their own target for their contribution to the organization, which is evaluated at every mid-year and end of each quarter. We believe that achieving personal goals leads to achieving section and company goals and eventually to a management target.

Evaluation based on our credo
Our credo is our philosophy. We base our credo in all of our decisions and actions. We evaluate our actions to make sure our credo is actively put into practice.

Our Training System

・Participate in training workshops, both inside and outside of company, for skill development and training
・Participate in video workshop to share beliefs and awareness among workers
・Training workshops available for both newly hired employees and management-level employees
・Education system available for self-development (online classes & seminars)

Self-reporting System
Employees can directly consult with HR Group for their transfer and career-related requests.

Available Positions

Full-time position
Part-time position